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6 Ways to Make Real Money Online With REAL Hard Work

by Bryan Wong YH on May 11, 2011

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This is a very beaten up topic to write about.. but sometimes we just need to be reminded how someone can actually make money online without making things sound too easy. Some ways could have worked in the past and some still continue to work till today. I will make this as current as possible and put in some of my personal experiences with some of them.

Life As A Freelancer

freelancing jobs

Freelancing is as you know is still a big industry and many people are still seeking freelancers to accomplish some rather mundane but important things that takes a lot of time like freelance blogging, freelancing writing, freelance graphic editors. I believe this is an area that will not go out of time as they will be a constant need for freelancers. They are thousands of marketers who don’t have the artistic talents or time to do certain thing for their business so they will always require people to do some work from them.

I have quite a big list of freelancing websites for you to check out both for jobs and for jobs to be done. For starters, sites like Odesk and Elance are great places to consider.

But will freelancing help you make a living and allow you to quit your job?

YES.. The life of a freelancer can be pretty difficult and it is difficult to start in the beginning and you need to learn how to market yourself, win job bids, and get people to notice your work. But it certainly can fetch quite a decent amount but probably as much as you earn in your average day job. I might be wrong here but this is what I learned about most freelancers. The important thing here is if you enjoy doing this job, you will find a way to succeed.

Setting Up an Ebay Business

auction sellers

Making money on eBay is still possible and sometimes you don’t really need to put in hard work at all. Some auction sellers strike gold in the beginning when they choose the right things to sell while some will be faced with obstacle after obstacle before hitting the spot. Many people are skeptics with eBay thinking that they will never make it. While this is true, the main problem behind this is they choose to sell something that has way too much competition like electronics and clothing and not knowing where to source their items. Another comment lament is the recurrent seller fees, listing fees, end of auction fees and other miscellaneous fees.

I have several ways to tackle this problem and that is:

Would eBay make a decent income for you?

YES.. Setting up your own eBay business can either mean selling other people’s goods or selling your own. Either way you need to invest in items, materials or time before you can sell. The next step is to understand your competition and see if eBay is really the best place to sell things. These days, the best method is to sell on multiple auction sites. All this sounds easy but doing all of it is hard work. Some auction sellers take 6 months to find just the right thing to sell.

It will certainly make you quite a good income, even better than freelancers if you know what you are doing. If your business is on a roll, you can easily make 6 figures a year!

Coaching Service Or Mentoring

Private coaching or mentoring can be a very lucrative area to make money. If you are an expert in an area, it is good to think about coaching someone privately and one to one. There aren’t that many people who offer private coaching outside the IM or MMO niche but there is a great big hungry crowd from other niches who crave the need to know or learn something. I know of some coaching services that charge up to $200/hr or some for just one session. I guess the price you charge is a matter of personal preference and the level of expertise you have.

Another method of doing this is to offer coaching series i.e a 10-part program to niche websites selection. Some people are willing to pay for this rather than go through the entire course themselves.

This method is a fairly advanced way of making money online with REAL hard work (once you’ve got all the essential parts of your business running) but it certainly can help you earn a very decent amount on top of your current earnings. You should consider the time you have for doing this and not stretch yourself too much.

Informational Products

information map

In my previous article on utilizing old articles for informational products, this is a great big area to make money. If you know what you are doing, it is a treasure trove of wealth waiting for you to open it. Informational products or eBooks are always going to be in demand simply because they will always be people looking for a solution to a problem or a method of doing something. Anything to do with the health industry, hobbies or specific niche interests are great areas to make money from.

The difficulty here is to:

  • Find the right information products to sell
  • Do your niche research, narrowing it down to something very specific like vertical jump training
  • Creating the informational product itself (not that difficult if you know a lot about it, the pain is to write it!). You can outsource this step too.

There are also heaps of methods to make money from this area for example

  • Create a PLR eBook
  • Create a Membership Website
  • Create an Affiliate Product
  • Create A Niche Site
  • Create an iPhone/iPad or Android app
  • Start your own podcasting site
  • Start your own videocast
  • Create a Membership site

This list is non-exhaustive but you get the picture. But as you can imagine the difficulty is to find the time to package the information together and then make money from it.

How much can you earn?

You can really earn a significant amount of money and with all the hard work put in, it is a very rewarding process.

Niche Website Creation

niche website

Creating niche sites is one of my latest craze now. You might have seen a few articles here on how I setup my niche site creation process (briefly) on 2 previous articles here. You can check it out.

The thing about creating niche sites is that you need to spend the time finding the right niche. Choose the wrong niche and your whole site will most likely fail from the start. You will also need to ensure that your site ranks well on the search engines. The entire process of creating one might not take long especially for an Amazon site but if you are hardworking and love to create content from scratch, then it will take longer.

For monetization purposes, you can do a combination of Amazon products, Google Adsense, Chitika Ads or even Clickbank products. But be careful not to have too many distractions on your sites as things like affiliate products or amazon products can easily make you more money than a couple of cents from Adsense.

Will niche sites make you a lot of money?

Yes. But you need to have quite a number of these sites and good traffic getting there. You also need to have a site that converts well. Some of my niche sites convert better than others. Some have lots of traffic but convert poorly. There is also a learning curve with these sites but I can say that it is easier to set them up than creating membership sites and to a certain extent, information products too.

WordPress Themes and Package/Bundle Products

Let me explain, package products are products like Thesis themes, Woothemes, Headway Themes, landing page design generator, squeeze page templates, membership site generator, membership site plugin etc. There’s a whole range of products that people sell because there is a demand for it.

The whole reason why people go for those products is because they need to have them. There will be businesses or marketers who will need WordPress Themes, squeeze page templates, membership site plugin, premium WordPress plugins and a whole range of other things for their businesses.

How do you make money from them?

You either choose to be an affiliate or you create them. The amount of money you make as an affiliate depends on how you promote affiliate products. If you see a need for a plugin or some software then you can either create it and sell it or hire a programmer to do the job for you. Of course doing this, will incur some risk and investment from your part and there’s no way of knowing if your plugin idea will see the light of day until you start doing it.

Personally, I’ve been doing the affiliate way and have found it much easier but having a product of your own gives you the name and recognition. Regardless of which methods you choose to make money, there is a lot of room for this kind of business. But you still need to put in effort to promote them. There are hundreds of ways you can choose to do this but success varies. But it is definitely possible to make quite a lot of money from this.



Finally.. this list is not so complete yet. As you can guess, there are heaps of other ways to make money online. But let’s start with this list first.


Do you need help with Starting A Wordpress Site?

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Then...use Thesis just like the pros around. Even if you are not a pro, Thesis has a great supporting community and forum to help you with questions on how to use Thesis. Finally, if you need access to resources that I use for my business online, check out my resources page. You will find goodies and gems that might help you as well.

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Theresa Torres May 13, 2011 at 1:01 pm

Hi, Bryan! These are great ideas. I myself am a freelancer and I see the possibilities for success in this line of work. I also wouldn’t mind checking out those other ways you mentioned to making real money online. I don’t mind the hard work. For me, it’s part of the formula to attain success in life.
Theresa Torres recently posted..10 Tips for Financing the Start Up of Your Home Business


Bryan Wong YH May 15, 2011 at 2:03 pm

Hi theresa,

Welcome! I’m glad you are taking the first step as a freelancer. If you don’t mind you can share about your story as a freelancer in a guest post ;) Love to hear from an actual freelancer and the struggles from them. Yes, there are quite a number of ways to make money online. Yeah it’s quite a lot of hard work, I hope you check back here in a future post of this series.

Gd Luck!


May 14, 2011 at 1:40 am

Great advice Bryan, I’ve unfortunately not the brain power to create my own products as such, WordPress themes and plugins, but I certainly enjoy making money from promoting those produts on my blog. The other methods you mention I’ll be sure to check them out soon as once you have the taste for making money, you simply want to know more :)
Fabrizio recently posted..WordPress Hosting- DreamHost or HostGator


Bryan Wong YH May 15, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Hi Fabrizio,

I think sometimes you really don’t need the programming skill to come up with themes or plugins. You can have an idea and then outsource the building process to a freelance coder. But of course, if you can do it yourself, by all means it is the better way. You are in control of product development. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post! :D


Glynis Jolly
May 14, 2011 at 2:15 am

My problem is trying to find a way to make money online without having to get into my bank account. I have some plausible ideas. I just don’t have the money to implement them.


Bryan Wong YH May 15, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Hey Glynis,

There are 2 kinds of investments I think everyone needs to make when starting a business. One is time and the other is money. It is a struggle and most of what I do online comes from what I earn in my day job. But I think of it as an investment and there are some risks to be taken. I’ve made my mistakes but have certainly learned a lot from it also. I wouldn’t say I can survive without working but I hope to earn much more in my online business than my real life job.


Glynis Jolly
May 15, 2011 at 9:30 pm

I just lost just under $108. I think I need to go through some of my old software programs and see if I can resurrect them.


Steve@Earn Internet Income
May 14, 2011 at 4:22 am


Some great ways to make money online. It certainly isn’t easy, like you said all of these mehtods take a ton of hard work to make them go. But it is possible.

I am often surprised when I find people are incredulous about the opportunities to make money online. There are a ton.

The reasons people doubt is because it does take a ton of hard work. A lot of it upfront with little reward for the ultimate gain.

But of course I know you know this….
Steve@Earn Internet Income recently posted..How a Single File Manages an Entire Internet Business


Bryan Wong YH May 15, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Hey Steve,

I’m sure you are no stranger to some of the methods of making money online :D And yes a lot of hard work, a lot of push button programs and fake hype are leading people into the wrong direction that’s why I’m just laying down a general idea of each of the 5 money making ideas here :D Oh on another matter, can’t wait for your ebook to be ready!


William Tha Great
May 14, 2011 at 4:31 am

Hey Bryan,

These are great ways to make money online. Only if you have a passion for them will they work. Without the passion you won’t get to fair. You might be able to make a couple bucks, but not a living.

God bless,
William Veasley
William Tha Great recently posted..5 Distractions You Should Look Out For


Bryan Wong YH May 15, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Hey William,

Thanks for stopping by again. I think passion is a very vital part of the entire business creation process,. but having passion alone is not the only ingredient you need. I find a lot of people passionate about a project and then later on when things get tough they just lose interest in it, and they wondered why they started it in the first place. The other thing about having a business is that if you are serious enough with it and don’t treat it as just a hobby, you can make a whole lot of difference with earnings.

God Bless :)


Deb Hopkins May 16, 2011 at 3:52 pm

Very nice blog. You are right on the money when talking about ways to make money from home. What I have found in affiliate marketing is that many people do not realize that it takes hard work, not physically, but consistent day to day marketing to get the traffic they need. Also for some reason some think you can make money on line without making any dollar investment which totally is not true. The nice thing about on line marketing/business it is a lot cheaper than starting a brick/morter business.


Bryan Wong YH May 17, 2011 at 8:27 pm

Hey Deb,

Affiliate marketing is one of those things that most people think it’s easy money but it will get easy but not so soon. You’re also right on the dot with making an investment for your business. I think a lot of people are on the false belief that you can make alot of money without any startup investment. And yes there’s a far less likely chance of going bankrupt on an internet business rather than a brick and mortar business. Thanks for visiting!


SEO Blogging | Kira
May 17, 2011 at 8:26 am

Superb! Completely done Bryan for me. I’ve tried freelancing “Life As A Freelancer” and Niche Website Creation in your post. Freelancing really requires hardwork and time management. My daily routine revolves around office works, freelancing and blogging. I feel like I have to try something else like having a relaxing moments.

Yeah freelancing is rewarding especially if you’re really knowledgeable enough with the work. Thanks Bryan.
SEO Blogging | Kira recently posted..SEO for New Websites – 5 Things You Need to Know


Bryan Wong YH May 17, 2011 at 8:54 pm

Hey Kira,

I think we do need some break away from the usual daily routine. It can get tiring doing the same thing again and again. It’s good to work hard on a project but I believe that it is good to refresh and rejuvenate. There are a few days in a week where I just don’t work long hours on my projects or just don’t do at all. I can’t quite relate on freelancing too much but if you like to share your life as a freelancer here, by all means you’re welcome to! Just drop me a guest post ;)


David@natural heartburn cures May 20, 2011 at 5:23 pm

i just started to use niche blog to make money from both adsense and affiliate marketing. My blog is still new, 2 months old. I don’t have much traffic yet. Hope to learn from you in future to make my niche blog a success.
David@natural heartburn cures recently posted..Natural cures for heartburn- Powerful stress control techniques


Satrap@ Earn Money Online
May 24, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Great post. The one thing that I think most people forget or tend to push aside is that making money online is no different that making money offline. It takes hard work and dedication. Yes, there are some methods that are easier and faster, but no matter what, you have to put some effort into it to make money online.
Satrap@ Earn Money Online recently posted..53 Ways to Make Money Online


Bryan Wong YH May 25, 2011 at 10:51 pm


Welcome! You are speaking as if you have a lot of experience in this :D It does involve a lot of work and a lot of trial and error. failures are part of the whole process too. But if you are willing to go through all that and put in effort, I don’t think anything can stop you from making money online regardless of what methods you choose.


entrepreneurmbaprogram May 25, 2011 at 11:58 am

If one is just innovative and industrious enough, there are really lots of ways to earn money. We just to have exert extra effort and we gotta have a quick mind.


Shaan @GeekyStuffs
May 30, 2011 at 1:04 am

Great ideas….And its really important to know know that there is no EASY MONEY. Peopl need to work hard always for that
Shaan @GeekyStuffs recently posted..Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media For Business


Bryan Wong YH May 30, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Glad you appreciate the work hard part. I think most people are still disillusioned with the quick income part of making money online. It really still beats me why people are still trying to find the next greatest, best /out of this world push button software…


kirk July 1, 2011 at 7:25 am

Thanks for sharing great info very informative and well writte. Will tell friends.


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