When You’re Reaching the Glass Ceiling in Blogging

by Bryan Wong YH on August 9, 2010

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Glass ceiling the Louvre.
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I guess this is a stage where every blogger will go through. Right now at this stage, I know for my blog there are visitors coming through every day. And quite consistently although I don’t blog daily. But the question is how much more can my blog improve if you are doing the same thing all the time, i.e posting content to your blog everyday, blog commenting replying to comments and visiting other blogs related to your niche. I was frankly reaching a point where I don’t know what else to do. Sorry if some of you guys might find me a little noob about this. But I really am, it has been a big learning curve for me and its hard doing this when I have a full time job in the background.

So as I was surfing around the internet looking at some good blogs. I stumbled across a great article that sort of speaks to me. Its sort of like those moments when you read something and then you go.. yeah that’s right… that’s so like me… finally I found someone who actually has gone through what I’m going through now.

Yes, its one of those aha moments!

Let me introduce to you this article which has struck me. The Glass Ceiling.

Dont worry its not an article about decorating your house with glass ceilings. Nor is it a horror story. Neither is it an article that completely digresses away from the theme of this blog. In fact, it is entirely related to my situation when i really need to go above that glass ceiling, smash through that barrier and propel this blog to the next level. I think this is the article of the week for me.

So go enjoy it, just in case you don’t really like suspense, the article is about guest blogging but written in a very interesting way.

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