Is It Important To Blog Post Daily?

by Bryan Wong YH on July 26, 2010

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Sometidoes blog post frequency matter?mes I ask the question if blogging daily really matters? Will reducing blog frequency be detrimental to my blog traffic and subscribers?  Talking about subscribers, this blog doesn’t have a huge readership compared to the other more established blogs out there. There are lots of questions that run through my head. There are bloggers who blog everyday and there are some who post a few articles a day and there are some who post at a frequency of 8-10 a month. Problogger post almost everyday while MelvinBlog post every few days and recently he has mentioned in a post that he is going to post a bit less. Other good blogs like Copyblogger have a new post everyday. If you’ve been following those MMO blogs out there, you will notice that the blogging frequency varies. I can say with certainty that I’m doing an average of 8-10 blog posts a month which would come up to a max of 120 posts or a little more a year.

Here in this article; “how often should a blogger post?” Darren Rowse writes about 8 factors to consider on blog posting frequency. He’s also written another article related to that here. This is my take on the issues related to this subject

Blogging Daily Reduces the Quality Of Your Articles

It really depends how much thought you put into your articles. I know for a fact that I can’t write a post everyday because there are days when i just feel rotten. I can’t post anything and forcing myself to post something all for the sake of posting obviously leaves a half baked article only to satisfy the appetite of my readers. I would rather spend a few days or some time to write a post and get inspired instead of posting an article ad hoc. On the other hand, if you were to get someone to guest blog for you, it takes the burden off blogging everyday and you can still “blog everday” provided those guest blog posts are of good quality and you take some time to read before approving it. Your blog reputation far precedes your reader’s demands for articles in that sense. Quality is still better than quantity. Again i want to hear your take on this argument.

Blogging Daily Drives Traffic

You might argue that blogging daily adds more content to your website and more material for reading. Theoretically, this would result in another page on the internet which will then get crawled by spiderbots and then leading to increased traffic. In order for this to happen you would need to optimize your articles for the search engines, have a reasonably good amount of readers who subscribe to your RSS feeds, say at least 1000 who will just read that directly on your blog or on their own feedreaders. Voila, you get good traffic for the day. It is true you get a surge of traffic after posting. That is what I noticed about this blog. But in order for this to work like I said, write a good article and optimize it for your readers and search engines. If you don’t do this you won’t get any benefit from posting daily.

Blogging Daily Clutters and Pollutes The Blogosphere

This was an argument put out on Problogger and Darren’s take was that if only things were to go to the extreme. I would agree with him. Yes there are thousands and thousands of articles posted daily on the internet. Most of them are of bad quality because some people take it the easy way to generate content and rehash content without putting any effort to it. Fortunately, the minority (yes the minority) still take the time to write an article before posting it. It is alright to write a topic on a article just like this as long as you put your own opinion and views to it. Not everyone will have the same opinion as Carlocab or Dave Navarro or Brian Clark. People would love to hear different views and it makes the blogosphere interesting.

I have a LIFE!!

I’m not sure about you but I enjoy life. Quality of life comes first. I’d like to experience the world in different ways. Blogging is only one aspect of it. Yes I do enjoy posting articles but is there any point in blogging daily if I’d missed out on all the other areas of my life. I’ve got a wonderful job in the hospital and I love to spend time with my significant other and my family. Everything comes with a balance and yes if any of my readers would want to fill up the empty spaces between blog posts feel free to do so. I would be happy to approve your articles (you know the drill.. no crappy articles).

I hope you enjoy reading this. Leave me a comment on your thoughts on this subject.


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Andy @ FirstFound
August 2, 2010 at 9:23 pm

If your blog’s updated daily, you need a team of writers. It’s too much for just one person to write.
Andy @ FirstFound recently posted..Marketing budgets set to increase


bryanps August 2, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Yeah Andy, I do agree with you. You really need others to supplement your content providing they are related and of good quality.


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