5 Reasons Why You Should Write For Your Visitors and Not For Search Engines

by Bryan Wong YH on July 16, 2010

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Reasons Why You Should Write For Your Visitors and Not For Search Engines

Have you ever come across a website that is full of strangely written articles that just don’t feel right somehow although there seem grammatically correct? If you haven’t I know I have. This is what I called garbage articles which are written solely for the purpose of pleasing spider bots but not human friendly at all. You might have probably seen them on blogs. The term some people use for these blogs are splogs; which is spam + blogs. You can even find them on article directories too. Don’t assume all article directories have good quality control.

These articles serve no purpose to their audience and all the articles are written so that search engines will rank them better. If you are one of those keyword spamming articles or using software to generate articles for your websites then please stop doing it and I will tell you why you should do it the right way and for your visitors!

Build Credibility

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you are not the person who write an article, you won’t get the respect and trust of people who would have otherwise spend the time to write their own articles. You have to remember that the whole business of search engines is to provide relevant results to people and badly written articles will never get as much views and comments compared to an article written with a lot of thought with humans in mind! The latter articles will eventually take precedence over the former article and search engines will give the better ranking to the better written article.

If you think that building credibility is a difficult business then try this, it is even more difficult to build credibility when you are producing trash to your audience.

Fulfilling Your Reader’s Needs

Have you ever wondered why there are so few blogs that have built the recognition and authority even though internet marketing has been around for some time? Try Copyblogger, Mashable, Boing Boing, Problogger, FamousBlogger etc. These are all high authority blogs with thousands and thousands of real human views every day. If you’ve been observant enough, there aren’t that many great blogs around. Those I’ve mentioned are some of them but they all have one common thing. They meet their reader’s needs. Articles written here don’t settle for PLR articles, duplicated content and robotic type articles. They address the reader’s concerns and questions. They understand what stirs the internet community and write around that. Having this principle in mind, I can guarantee that you will attract even more readers to your articles.

Get Higher Click-Through-Rates

There is a saying that you should write your articles first and think SEO later. Most people will do it the other way round. What happens when you try to do it the latter way is that you’d end up focusing so much on SEO that you forget that you are actually writing for a human being. Having an article with just keywords and phrases emphasized easily lose meaning and focus. If you are trying to explain something, it really does not flow so well, sounds convoluted and just meaningless.

Some might place a link in the author part of their articles and link it to a sales page or a squeeze page. That being said with such a horribly written article, why would I even care about clicking the link. I do not want to be confused or misled further although that might not be your intention but the general impression your articles give really turns people off from doing anything further!

Turn Visitors into Followers and Followers into Buyers

If your aim is to eventually make money from your articles by selling a product or service, you definitely want to proof to your readers why they should listen to you. Writing an article with perfect grammar but makes no sense is already a turn off to them. What more do you expect them to be followers or buyers? If you’re making a living from blogging and article marketing, you would realize that it takes some time to get followers and buyers or people who endorse your products. It takes time and patience. They are lots of people who take shortcuts to get more people to opt in and buy from them.

Granted an internet marketer might get away with it but even they will not be able to convince people to buy from them if they didn’t explain their message across well. Even internet marketers, start off by writing an ebook ( a well written one), giving it away for free (making sure it’s not trash) before revealing the next part of their product.

Build Your Personal Brand

Building a presence online takes time and patience. Like I’ve said before, taking shortcuts lead you nowhere and won’t turn your articles into the next big thing over night. Most of the top bloggers and article writers build their reputation around writing quality posts. Although there are a few out there, each have their own personal touch to their service which appeals to different audience. Darren Rowse is known for Problogger while Brian Clark is known for Copyblogger but each of them have different writing styles in their articles. Although they provide nearly the same service, they have a huge following.

All this comes from the effort and time invested in writing good quality posts. You will never see success like them if you write keyword ridden articles with bad convoluted sentences that just sounds like rubbish if you read them.

I’m not saying that you should NOT use SEO writing your articles. You really have to start thinking of your audience instead of the search engines because if you were to do that first then SEO, naturally you will get more views and more views translates into traffic and thus more relevance to a particular keyword you want to optimize in your article.

To Your Success!

Bryan Wong YH


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Quality Research July 17, 2010 at 5:26 am

This post makes a lot of sense. Writing simply for SEO and ignoring human interest is a sheer waste of time. Writing should be an intelligent combination of both.



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